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Go Robots 1

The Robots are in a place with strange gravity and evil robots. Guide both robots through 25 levels. They need your help!

memes runner

A funny game about VJLink Papich Knukles and Gachimuchi. There are 4 levels. Avoid Hazards touch = jumpdouble-touch = double jumprun and Avoid Hazards

Runner Ctrl+Play

Corra o mais longe que puder, enquanto coleta os foguetes Ctrl+Play!Desenvolvido por:Gabriel Fornari RidolfiLuis Paulo MachadoMarcel Braga Lopes———————————————————Run as far as you can, while you collect the Ctrl+Play Rockets!Developed by:Gabriel Fornari RidolfiLuis Paulo MachadoMarcel Braga Lopes Seta para Cima/Swipe para Cima – PulaSeta para Baixo/Swipe para Baixo – AbaixaUp Arrow/Swipe Up – JumpDown Arrow/Swipe Down – Duck


SPEED² is a multidirectional collider! Your size, color, and enemies are relative to your speed! When you are not in motion, you become invisible and invulnerable. So if an object is blue it means it is slower and safe to absorb. If it is red then the object is faster and you should evade it. If the object is yellow then it is matching your speed and you will bounce off of each other. The bottom right counter counts up to the release of the Boss.Boss Hint: It can't hurt you if you're slower. CONTROLS:Up arrow UPDown arrow DOWNLeft arrow LEFTRight arrow RIGHTVOLUME:Period VOLUME UPComma VOLUME DOWNSlash MUTE

Wothan Escape

Help the mighty Wothan to escape this dungeon! Run andbounce on walls, avoid spikes and obstacles. On your way, collect as many coins you can and reachthe exit door!

Endless Games (5 in 1)

This game was made for game jam "10 events", so it contains only 10 events. Yes, 5 endless gameplays in only 10 events. I think this game proves how cool Construct 2 is! There are 5 endless games.In each game – your character is green, enemies are red, bonuses are blue.

Physics Platformer

This is not a game, it's the demo-version of my template, that you can purchase on Scirra store. Controls:A – leftD – rightW – jump